Meet the Owners

The Little Box of Happy was created by mother/ daughter duo, Ann and Ellie.

Ann is a finance manager and deals with all things business-related - she loves a good spreadsheet! In her spare time, Ann is also a talented scrapbooker so enjoys getting involved with the creation of all our hand-made products too.

Ellie recently graduated in Graphic Design and creates all of our artwork, from designing our logo to digitally drawing our mindfulness colourings and motivational quote cards. She has a real passion for promoting self-love and mental wellbeing. 

Due to the current circumstances, Ann and Ellie are living together for the first time in five years! They have been discussing setting up The Little Box of Happy for quite some time, and this seemed like the perfect opportunity to do so. These unprecedented times are difficult for many and The Little Box of Happy was created with the sole purpose of brightening your day.